Social Media Summit for Business

We concede, there are loads of Social Media experts and gurus out there who are trying to make themselves available to your company to help improve the social media strategy of your company. And many are very good, but how many have actually built up a solid, engaged audience who rely on them to improve their professional career development and as a source of valued information?

Our unique summit explores 8 elements of social media to help your business:

  1.  Why Social Media? Looking at statistics, platforms and trends.
  2. Social Media & Sales. Exploring whether SM is a sales platform (Hint: No!)
  3. Social Media & Customer Support. Are you prepared to answer questions 24 hours a day to your customers? Using messaging, private messages and people.
  4. Building a genuine Social Media audience. It’s all about engagement, story-telling and a level of quirkiness that makes you stand out.
  5. Authenticity on Social Media platforms. It’s not just a case of using common resources – use your strengths to make your company human.
  6. Your commitment to social media. You’ve got to go into this with 100% commitment. If not you, find a member of staff, or service, who can do this on your behalf.
  7. Social media and YOUR staff. Words of warning for you, and your staff. Brand ambassadors.
  8. Using apps to ease your journey on Social Media.

Delivered by one of our team of experienced social media experts, our summit will explore the different Social Media platforms, and how they can help you ethically build your business brand, and positively improve public relations for your current and potential customers.

Proposed dates and venues will be posted here soon…