Course: Social Media and developing your brand

The world appears to be awash with social media experts, consultants and gurus who claim they can give you the tools to develop a strategy that help grow your business, promising increase and new business through these platforms, which are still relatively in their infancy.

So what’s different about our course? We offer companies a true story, in how to patiently nurture your social media channels, interacting positively with customers, potential clients, and engaging on the different social media platforms which are popular in society. Over 7 years, we have grown the @UKEdChat social media networks carefully and genuinely, now enjoying an audience of over 60,000 followers, and weekly social media impressions averaging around 1.1 million.

Sharing experiences, activities and trends learned and developed since 2010, our course explore how to build your company’s story through social media, offering a genuine, organic and ethical opportunities to your and your customers.

The course does not focus on Twitter, but also explores the common themes, trends and tips on using Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube and even Google Plus!

The course usually explores the following themes:

  1. Why social media?
  2. Social media and sales
  3. Social media and customer support
  4. Building a genuine social media audience
  5. Storytelling on social media
  6. Authenticity on social media
  7. Social media and your staff
  8. Your commitment to social media

…but can also be adapted to focus on a specialist, bespoke area of interest to the business, or group of attendees.

The course is run in local settings, and delivered to groups of delegates (minimum of 5), commencing at 10am, and finishing at 4pm. The courses encourage delegate conversations, activities and reflections, before committing to a social media action plan which is taken away, for consideration back in the business workplace.

Key information:

The course is aimed at: Business leaders, entrepreneurs, social-media managers, development managers – in private and public sectors.

The price for the course is £95, and includes refreshments and a light lunch.

Course location: Lancashire & Essex (If you wish for the course to be organised locally, please contact us for further information).

Dates: Please click on the link for further information.