Taking the stress out of social media


It’s hard to keep up with all the advances and developments in Social Media. Just as you thought you’d managed to get yourself up-to-date, then comes along a new network that everyone is talking about, but how can you get your business message across with all these advances?

It can be a challenge. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all seemed to have it all wrapped up, but then came Snapchat, WeChat and other encryption message apps that challenged the status quo and changed how people ‘consumed’ social media useful site.

For managers in business there is a lot of pressure to keep the business running smoothly than trying to keep updated with these developments, so the best choices are:

  1. Get down with the kids and talk to your teenage family members (although they are unlikely to want to talk to you about it!),
  2. Hire a member of staff to manage and keep on top of social media developments (pricey), or
  3. Outsource the management and social media interactions to a 3rd party partner.

The advantages of the third option above are a serious consideration when deciding on your social media strategy as this is less risky than the awkward and financial obstructions that the first two choices offer. Other, less obvious, advantages include:

  • Being advised on best strategies to market yourself via social media,
  • Cost-effective solution,
  • Personalised content matching your product focus,
  • Marketing that finds the intended audience,
  • Great way to develop meaningful relationship with your current and future customers.


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