@PPS_Ltd – Putting the WOW Factor into School Displays


Palmer Publicity Services (PPS) are specialists in the design and production of a wide range of graphics for schools and academies throughout the North West and beyond.

We design and supply prospectus material for open evenings, exterior signage, reception displays, corridor graphics and branded acrylic staff boards – all designed to communicate with parents and brighten up interior areas for the pupils.

Over the past 12 months, we have seen this type of work expand to include large areas of graphic walls produced and installed. These have been themed with numerous concepts, designed to expand the children’s imagination and bring a sense of adventure and colour to previously drab corridors.

From woodland scenes, fundamental British values, School Core values, library projects and even the interior of a rocket ship, PPS have designed, printed and installed some very exciting jobs. Working directly with Headteachers on initial concepts through to mock-ups, have allowed PPS designers the freedom to be creative to a level not normally achievable in regular commercial work.

The final panels produced vary depending on location but they include printed foamex, self-adhesive vinyls with textured laminate or heavy-duty textured wallpaper – all intending to be extremely hard wearing, considering the environment they are going into.

The pupil’s excitement continues outside the classroom with a number of exterior projects including one-way vision film onto windows, large PVC banner to cover up a drab classroom, exterior shelter and even down to a bus converted into a themed reading room – our designs are only limited by the school’s imagination!