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Got a news story that you need publishing, and would like to be promoted to a large community of engaged educators?

We offer two competitive and attractive packages to ensure your story gets published, with opportunities to advance promotions through the @UKEdChat social media channels. To add a story, ensure you have the article ready to copy and paste into the form below, along with accompanying image/s. Payment is required before publication of a news story.

Please have your credit/debit card ready
You can also pay directly via and e-mail the article direct to The same pricing structure as below applies.

Wait, What? You charge?

Yes. We cannot work for free (it’s simply unsustainable) – this is unavoidable as we need to cover our running costs in publishing the article, sourcing and creating featured images, and the time for scheduling any social media promotions. We are not a massive company with secret income streams, so please help us continue our work supporting teachers, educators and schools internationally.  We respect the community that has been built up since 2010, and we hope that you do too.

Level 1 – £125

The article gets posted onto the UKEdChat website viewable via

News Category PLUS

receives 5 days of social media promotion (2 x daily) from the @UKEdChat accounts.

Payable immediately

Option 2 – £325

The article gets posted onto the website

The article is featured on the front page for one week, with 7-days (2xdaily) social media promotions from the @UKEdChat accounts, and inclusion in the popular weekly UKEdChat e-mail bulletin. Links back to website also permitted.

Payable immediately


Editorial Policy – UKEdMagazine, UKEdPodcast & The UKEdChat Website

The UKEdChat brand was established in 2010 and is respected across the globe by teachers, school leaders, and people with an interest in educational pedagogy, practice and developments. The organic growth of UKEdChat, run and managed by UK based classroom teachers, has taken time, commitment and dedication, so we take care of ensuring what is published in our publications (The UKEdMagazine and website), so that the audience trusts and values the content. To ensure that this trust is maintained, we carefully consider our editorial content.

We are happy to consider content for the website, UKEd-Magazine or UKEd-Podcast, where the story, content or resources are relevant. If articles are commercially based, linked back to commercial services, or considered to be publicity pieces, then they become chargeable, with a clear indication given on the website, UKEd-Magazine, and/or on our social media networks, as per legislative requirements within the UK.

The team behind the UKEd-Magazine and UKEdChat need to cover the costs in developing the UKEdChat and UKEd-Magazine brand, so any chargeable article helps support this work, and our commitment to improving education globally. We work to ensure that any costs are kept down to a minimum, and we appreciate that you understand that we are unable to work for free – for all of us, working for free is unsustainable.

What are the benefits for you and/or your client?

  1. Fast posting on the website, usually acted upon with hours of receipt.
  2. Coverage and promotions from the @UKEdChat Twitter account, enjoying an active educational audience of over 70,000 globally.
  3. Support adding images to the story and social media coverage, gaining added attention from the audience.
  4. Depending on the package chosen, the story continues to be featured for days after release – catching different people at different times.
  5. Gets your name (or client company) out to the UKEdChat networks.

Updated: March 2019