UKEd.Media is at the back-end of the UKEdChat community – supporting business, schools and teachers in developing a sensible and visible social media presence. Founded in 2010, the founders have developed comprehensive skills in using online tools to help collaborate, support and connect – keeping updated with popular social media tools including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Google Plus.

As a Social Enterprise initiative, it is our policy to ensure the work we do provides value and quality to members of the community, and our work encourages collaboration and support to those who face challenges or barriers to learning.

Our experienced staff are made up of educationalists from all sectors, with our services focused at:

Our main website, which has supported UKEdChat sessions since 2010. The site embodies content that is focused on pedagogy, supporting teaching and learning in schools around the world. Accompanied by content from community members, summaries and archives from UKEdChat session, plus research and news, this is the main hub of activity, receiving (on average) 15,000 visits each week.

The monthly UKEd Magazine was founded in 2014 by Martin Burrett, and creates articles to support and inspire practicing teachers. Written by members of the community, the magazine is freely available online and in print, with over 20,000 readers each month.

The UKEd.Directory serves three purposes: 1 – A place for teachers to freely upload and share their classroom resources to other teachers; 2 – A marketplace for people to sell products, including printed copies of UKEd Magazine, and; 3 – The place where business with an interest in the education market can connect to our audience, via our Business Portfolios service.

Utilising the strength of our audience, UKEd.Careers is our teaching and school leadership job promotion service. With prices set low, keeping money within education, we are able to target promotions to teachers via our active social media channels, potentially reaching colleagues who didn’t even know they were looking for a new job. The benefits of promoting jobs (including our transparent pricing packages) can be found by clicking here.

The UKEd Academy is our Professional Development portal, allowing teachers and school leaders to engage with training opportunities, as well as promoting events, courses, exhibitions or conferences that appeal to people with an interest in education. We have plans to develop the services and opportunities available in the near future.

Our free iOS and Android app brings all UKEdChat together, providing news, jobs, updates and personalised alerts of content that interests them. Downloaded over 1,000 within a month of launch, the development and potential of the app will evolve in the near future.

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